What Is a Private Military Contractors

ACADEMI, one of the largest and most controversial PMCS in the United States, works with commercial clients, intelligence agencies and governments around the world. It provides security training for global companies and police forces, as well as risk analysis, inventory management, warehousing and transportation services. I_t hires both full-time employees and private contractors, including sergeants, information security analysts, security guards, logistics specialists and flight crew training managers. Machiavelli no longer trusted the mercenaries and persuaded the Florentine authorities to set up a militia composed of citizen soldiers whose loyalty to the republic would remain unwavering. But loyalty is a poor substitute for dexterity. These peasants, who became soldiers, were not up to the professional troops, and the Florentines were quickly crushed by professionals in 1512. This military catastrophe led to the surrender of the Florentine Republic, now under papal control, and challenged Machiavelli`s claims about the superiority of militias over mercenaries.9 The French regarded the succinct Florentines as the epitome of military incompetence. Machiavelli wrote the Prince to impress the conquerors of Florence and regain his former job. You must have laughed. How did we get here? Certainly, the world`s only superpower does not need leased weapons. It has it all: the best troops, training, technology, equipment and resources. But he doesn`t have the will, and that`s why he turns to military contractors. Contracting allows for bloodless wars, at least from the client`s point of view.

Like supertechnology, mercenaries are a crutch for a nation that wants to fight but doesn`t want to bleed. This was not done intentionally, but rather by chance. There was an unexpected collision between U.S. domestic politics and the purely voluntary military, a source of national pride. When the U.S. went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House assumed they would be brief conflicts. “Five days, five weeks or five months, but it certainly won`t take any longer,” Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on the eve of the Iraq war. The U.S. military can “get the job done and do it quickly.” 25 More than a decade later, America is still entangled in both places, unwilling to admit defeat but unable to declare victory.

For example, they may travel with a convoy of vehicles to show their military presence in an area to prevent criminal activity or ambush attempts. Outside observers often assume that mercenaries receive huge sums of money. That is incorrect. Open actors pay less than hidden actors, but offer more stable employment. During the Iraq war, entrepreneurs typically earned about double their former military salary, which isn`t much when you consider the risks. For example, injured contractors receive immediate first aid, but are otherwise sent home to take care of themselves. Entrepreneurs also do not receive benefits for retirement or veterans. Money on the secret side is more important, but so are the risks.

An elite mercenary can earn four-figure amounts per week – usually in US dollars, usually via the British Virgin Islands or other places with strict bank secrecy laws and weak extradition practices. There are rumors that ex-SEALs can earn up to $10,000 a day working for Abu Dhabi on Yemeni issues; If that`s true, it`s extraordinary. Machiavelli`s ideas about militias and mercenaries were rejected for centuries because they were clumsy. Mercenaries remained the main instrument of war for the next 200 years, and no one dared to rely on weak militias. Despite the assurances of Machiavelli and those of other humanists of the early Renaissance, the profession of mercenary was considered a legitimate profession. Often, the lower sons of the nobility, such as Duke Werner of Urslingen, Count Konrad de Landau and Giovanni de` Medici, sought careers as mercenary captains. There was no stigma associated with hiring a private army; There was nothing different from hiring an engineering firm to repair its moat or hiring an artist to paint portraits of one`s own family. The commodification of the conflict led to a flourishing market for violence, as the services of private armies, or “free enterprises” as they were called, went to the highest bidder or the most powerful. Treaty wars were common, and mercenaries were the way wars were fought. You need a blank folder. Previous criminal charges or related charges against you will prevent you from becoming a private military contractor. It is also helpful to participate in your school`s ROTC program, if applicable.

The ROTC program is designed to prepare you for military careers, especially in terms of maintaining standard fitness. If you do not have military experience, you must have basic firearms skills and some experience in handling weapons. In 2007, the Uniform Code of Military Justice was amended to allow for the prosecution of military contractors deployed as part of a “declared war or emergency operation”. Entrepreneurs are also cheaper, as they have been for thousands of years. The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan federal agency that provides budget and economic information to Congress, found that an infantry battalion costs $110 million a year during the war, while a comparable private military unit costs a total of $99 million. In peacetime, the cost savings are even greater; The infantry unit costs $60 million, and contractors cost nothing because their contract would be terminated.36 From 1995 to 1997, Executive Outcomes received $1.2 million a month to crush a rebellion in Sierra Leone – which it did – while UN troops devoured $47 million a month and did nothing.37 Rent is cheaper than property, and the economy is characterized by efficiency compared to the public sector. The Italian wars teach us that cunning and deception are the buzzwords of private warfare, and are therefore more appropriate for Sun Tzu than for Clausewitz. A comprehensive historical analysis of the Italian wars would be beyond the scope of this study, but important points can be gathered.42 Here are unique ways to win private wars, divided between buyers (demand side) and electricity suppliers (supply side). .

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